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Portfolio work

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During Inno58h you will document all the activities that you do, all the material you collect and all the tools you use. To give you a structure for this documentation process we decided that each one of you will do a portfolio during the whole of Inno58h.

Here are the instructions for the portfolio.

We encourage you to start working (collecting material) for your portfolio already now. Each time you do Inno58h work, also add what you do to your portfolio. That way the portfolio will be created throug-out the process.


Guidelines for portfolio

What is a portfolio?

Portfolios are widely used by artist, painters, photographers etc. In past 10 years the use of portfolios has also spread into many other fields, for instance marketing. A portfolio is a way for a person to show their work, show who they are and that they have done. It is a way to market oneself, to market what knowledge and expertise one has. 
In a portfolio you collect all the work that you think gives proof of your knowledge, your skills, your work, and what you are able to do. The portfolio can contain different types of material, it can be drawings, it can be videos, it can be different documents, presentations, spreadsheets, mind maps, etc. Any material you believe gives proof of what you can, what your knowledge, skills and expertise is.

Think of it this way. If somebody you don't know asks you what you know and what you have done, you give them your portfolio and they will get an idea of you and your work.

For what do you use a portfolio in Inno58h and what can it look like?

In your portfolio, which is individual work, you will collect all the work you do during this course. You need to document, make documentation of everything you do during the course up until you arrive in Kunstenniemi.
Your portfolio can in in and form you like, physical or electronic. The important thing is that you need to be able to show it to anybody, at any time. Your work, your skills, needs to be available to others so they can take part of what you have done. In this way you share your knowledge!


Your portfolio needs to be done before your groups arrives in Kunstenniemi. However, your portfolio needs to be visible to the coaches at latest by the second working day, on the 14th of February.

Remember that the portfolio is individual work, but you are able to present it in any way or form you like. 
Content of portfolio

What tools have you used? Brainstorming tools, innovation tools, service design tools, design thinking tools, market analysis tools, etc? What experience did you get from using the tools? For what purpose did you use different tools? What did you want to find out? How did it work out?
What information have you collected? How did you collect information, and what worked or did not work?
What do you know about your client/customer? What have you found out? Who are the customers, who are the competitors? What do you know about the industry?
What books have you read, what videos have you watched, what blogs have you read? What have you learned about innovation, about your client/customer, about...?

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