Monday, September 21, 2015

Kristabel has been very productive and created new web pages to us under Wordpress. Please from now on, go to a new address of Inno58h to read the course news.  Kristabel has set up a public calendar there which the students can link to their own calendar if they want to. Any event created will automatically be updated into their calendar. Kristabel also suggests for teams Wordpress instead of Blogger so that it is possible to activate a function that when teams update their blog, it will also be posted on Inno58h blog. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Inno 58h teams fall 2015:

Team 1:
Daniel Alvarez, TSE
Andrea Deublein, ÅA
Minna Goyal, TSE
Antti Rikkilä, TSE
Anna Ylöstalo, TSE
Carl Öström, ÅA

Team 2:
Emil Eklund, ÅA
Minghui Gao, TSE
Ilona Häsänen, TSE
Juuso Makkonen, TSE
Charlotta Wilén, ÅA

Team 3:
Emilia Isolauri, TSE
Muhaimin Karim, ÅA
Sara-Selia Naakka, TSE
Lasse Pusa, TSE
Quan Tran, ÅA

Team 4:
Hamed Ahmadinia, ÅA
Theresa Gress, ÅA
Maria Kim, TSE
Outi Ollila, TSE
Kristian Riehakainen, TSE
Jonas Ridberg, ÅA

Team 5:
Mai Dao, ÅA
Salla-Mari Koskela, TSE
Moustafa Mahmoud Muhamed, TSE
Maiju Pohjola, TSE
Lucas Sahlgren, ÅA

Team 6:
Jennifer Andersson, ÅA
Tamara Böhm, ÅA
Kayode Fadairo, TSE
Johannes Lehikoinen, TSE
Laura Tihaja, TSE

Before next session (Thu 24th)

1) Choose one of the problems you identified through unstructured qualitative observation

2) Design a structured quantitative observation plan.

3) Meet with your group and observe in a structured manner: how many times, how often, how much... (all these questions depend on your problem/need) -> further information about the need/problem

4) Create a blog to your group

5) Give a name to your group

6) Send information to with following information:
- name of your group
- link to your blog
- names of the students

7) Make a blog entry based on your in-between exercise. Write about the structured plan, how you accomplished the task, what did you learn, what was challenging, what worked out nicely, how was the experience etc. You can (should) include videos, pictures, additional files to enrich your blog post. (Remember that your blogs are going to be evaluated.)

Hashtag #inno58h

Remember to use hashtag #inno58h when sharing all you material: videos, pictures, tweets...

Then it's easier for everyone to see and share what you have captured. Sharing is caring and important and everything..


Observation videos + instructions - session 1

Observation videos:

 -> What problems/needs do we observe that need to be solved?

go and find at least three problems/needs people have in the city center and come back with your ideas to Pink Vanilla Desserts at 11.30 am

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Welcome to Inno58h starting on Thursday 17th September 2015 at 9 am sharp. Our kick-off location is Pink Vanilla. It is located between Sokos Wiklund and Nordea bank right by Kauppatori. The exact address is Kauppiaskatu 9. See you all on Thursday!