Monday, April 8, 2013

Practicalities & Kunstenniemi

Some practical details about Kunstenniemi:
  • Bring your own sheets and towels. 
  • There is a sauna available both evenings (and upon request in the morning). 
  • We will spend time outdoors, so choose clothes and pack your bag accordingly.
You do not have to bring food unless you wish to have own snacks etc.; we will enjoy very tasty lunches and dinners during our boot camp.

If you wish, bring books and material (notes, broschures, annual reports etc.) you think you might need. Paper (big and small), post it-notes and pens etc. will be available.

The address is Kunstenniementie 233, 21130 Poikko. Discuss within your team members who will take a car and if you can catch a ride with a team member. The coaches will be heading out to Kunstenniemi by car, so seats will be available in a few cars. Ask the coaches!

We start the boot camp on Monday by having lunch at noon. On Wednesday we end the camp around noon and head back to Turku to meet with the clients. Presentations on the outcome of Kunstenniemi and therefore also your innovation will take place at Boost Turku starting at 13.30 PM.

/the coaches

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